Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air

Mitchell Heating Breaks Down Four Issues That Could Be The Cause!

Picture this — it’s the middle of summer, and your AC has decided that it’s the perfect time to blow warm air instead of cool!  Now your home is uncomfortable, the family is complaining, and you need an AC repair quickly!  Mitchell Heating in Colorado Springs wants to let you in on four possible reasons your AC has decided to act up! 

An image of a professional checking refrigerant levels.

Low Refrigerant Levels

When the refrigerant is low or leaking, it can cause severe damage to your AC unit. This is the most frequent cause of warm air when the unit is in operation. If the refrigerant leaks into your ductwork, it can cause an even bigger issue because it can be harder to find and diagnose. Be sure to check your levels frequently to ensure that this isn’t the cause of your problems.

Filthy Filters

Throughout their lives, HVAC filters will get dirty, but if you fail to switch them out at the appropriate time, they can be the cause of warm air. This is because the filter becomes clogged and the air can no longer pass through it freely.  Changing your filters frequently, or investing in annual service, can help you keep this from happening in your home.

An image of an HVAC filter.
An image of HVAC fans.

Cracked Compressors

If your AC unit is the body, then the Compressor is the brain. Compressors can usually last for several years, but over time, they will begin to fail you. A broken compressor could be the main reason that your AC is blowing warm air. Replacing your compressor or having it appropriately repaired can extend your AC unit’s performance and your comfortability for years to come.

Electrical Issues

If it seems like you are losing power from the outside unit, electrical issues could be the reason why your AC is blowing warm air. Check your circuit breaker and emergency shutoff switch; you might have to engage both to get your AC blowing cool air again. However, if you are consistently monitoring the circuit breaker, you could have a serious electrical issue. If this is the case, contact Mitchell Heating today!

An image of the electrical components of the HVAC system.

If your AC is acting up by blowing warm air when it should be cool, it’s better to act now than pay a fortune in repair costs down the line. Mitchell Heating wants to assure you that the electrical connections, filters, and other parts in your system are working correctly to prevent dangerous scenarios from occurring. Contact us today to help you with any AC repair on your Colorado Springs property.

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